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Annual Back to the Bible Campaign

“Therefore, go and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit” Matthew 28:19

Each summer, we and the hosting congregation will knock doors in their community asking people to visit services and study the Bible.

Cox Boulevard’s 11th Annual Back to the Bible Campaign Results

For the first time in eleven campaigns the focus was not on knocking cold doors, but on the doors of previous visits, call backs and baptisms in the Mobile Inner-City Church of Christ(MICCC) area. There were 39 campaigners who labored in the fields of Mobile, AL. The area was divided into three teams of campaigners, which were equally balanced with experienced campaigners, new campaigners and teenagers.

The 2016 campaign set 207 studies, 61 agreed to a Bible Study, one restored and 24 were baptized. During the past year, eight have remained faithful and most were teenagers. Each of these 207 were visited at least twice and 38 agreed to a Bible Study and three were baptized.

There were 112 new Bible Studies set up and 44 agreed to study and 17 of those studies were left for MICC, Creekwood and University congregations to teach. There have been three Baptisms and four studies reset so far. There were 95 Bible Studies scheduled to be taught between July 23-27 and 44 were taught, ten were baptized and one restored. The members at MICC are committed to following up on each baptism and contact. They need our prayers and support. This past Sunday the congregation was rejoicing over the increase in attendance and two baptisms.

The bonding with the local congregation and with each other is a side benefit of campaigns. Campaigns are emotionally draining and hard work, but are so spiritually rewarding individually and as a congregation. When people tell you door knocking doesn’t work or is not effective, remember the 13 who were baptized and the one restored. There are people in every community who know something is missing in their lives and wen their door is knocked they are shown the answer.

If you or your congregation is interested in hosting or learning more about a Back to the Bible Campaign in 2018, please contact Cox Boulevard Church of Christ 256-383-1905. We will be glad to send you information and talk to you about sharing God’s Word with your neighbors, friends and community.