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Disaster Response

One of the basic principles of Christianity is that of serving others and putting others needs ahead of our own. This Christian principle is the foundation for the Cox Boulevard church response during the aftermath of a natural disaster. Our church family response groups are comprised of different people with different skills, but all with a love to help their fellow man. The team attempt to mount a response to hurricanes, tornados, flood and ice storms that are within a reasonable driving distance. The type of work varies with the type of disaster. The work may be: clean-up, gutting homes, preparation for a home to be free of mold, carpentry, plumbing, electrical, drywall, trim, paint and others. The length of each trip is determined by the volunteers.

Each disaster response trip includes a spiritual element. We have prayer with the homeowner several times a day if possible. After most disaster areas are back to normal, a group will offer Bible studies to affected families.