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Larry R. Kilpatrick

Larry R. Kilpatrick was born in Huntsville, Alabama, September 27, 1946. In 1974, at age 28 he enrolled at International Bible College, in Florence, Alabama: three years later he received a B.A. Degree. After graduating from IBC he preached for the Church in Littleville, Alabama. While preaching at Littleville, he attended Harding Graduate School of Religion in Memphis, Tennessee, where he received the M.A.R. degree in 1979. He preached for the Church in Vernon, Alabama for nine years. Beginning in April of 1988, he began working with the Cox Boulevard Church in Sheffield, Alabama. Larry conducts about three gospel meetings each year and writes various publications. He has spoken on the Heritage Christian University Workshop. He has participated in evangelistic campaigns in Alabama, Mississippi, North Carolina and New York. He has done foreign mission work in Guyana, South America.

Larry is married to the former Anna Lister of Huntsville, Alabama. They have three children, Ray, Laurie and Leigh.